Do men take marriage more seriously than women?

Women initiate divorce more often but are always the ones bitching about men not proposing. Men usually want to work things out and keep the family together. I dont think women take marriage as seriously as men do.
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1 y
Women brag about their rings to other females I think women see marriage as a Haha because they hate each-others guts. Women have a much stronger drive to feel desirable (makeup, fake boobs, lashes, facials, plastic surgery, manicures, fancy clothes, hand bags etc) they are extremely insecure about their looks and if a man is not on his knees with a ring she feels worthless. Look around you much more women are in relationships than men because men can deal with being single better.
1 y
It would be a good idea to have major assets paid off and in your name before marriage, have savings in gold coin or bitcoin that is easily hidden in case they want half of your blood sweat and tears when they get bored and want a divorce. Study the divorce laws in or state or country to your advantage.
Do men take marriage more seriously than women?
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