What colour should I go for than?

Finally a different subject my sister recently got engaged well back in September she did and we was supposed to do her wedding this month but with stuff that has happened and gone on we are now hoping to aim for in next year.

obviously being a sister of the bride means I have the responsibility of brides maid and maid of honour so I was wanting to host a bridal shower at home for her I would book a venue but with all this virus stuff going on there just wouldn’t be a point to it.

I have come up with a theme idea but it’s based off her personality which is classy and boujee (that’s the actual theme and name by the way) the only situation is I still want it to be cute and girly to I just can’t choose a decent colour I was thinking of roes gold but I just doubt that will work as she’s already had a pink and gold theme for her engagement...

oh and by the way this is a surprise bridal shower which also means that I can’t actually ask her about colours for her bridal shower. I mean she knows she’s having one but she just dosnt know what her bridal shower will be like and she dosnt know the theme or the decorations I have in mind.

The only problem I’m having is choosing the colours so if anyone has any good suggestions please let me know so I can consider them. We need to choose 2 colours that can combinate well with each other..

thank you all for reading this and helping out...
What colour should I go for than?
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