Do people who break off an engagement ever get back together successfully?

have a relative who has broke up her engagement but its a very odd situation and she has an urge to get back with him but I just don't ever see things working out after this .

what are your thoughs and experiences with such a situation. can people get back together after breaking off there engagement and be happy down the road ? or is this too serious an event for a relationship to ever recover from ?

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  • I do not think it will last..although, every situation is different. But, breaking off an engagement should mean it..She should not want to change her mind..From knowing that, I feel she is a little immature and doesn't know what she wants along with playing some possible mind games with the guy...You know "I don't like what you did, so I will not marry you"..but, I can be wrong. I do not know the situation. Anything is possible..But, I know when you start throwing around the threats and break ups and etc...It usually never lasts.

  • it's possible but it really depends on the reason why they broke up


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