How did you propose? And did you take here ring shaping?

How did you propose?

Did you take here ring shaping?

Did you ask her dad?


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  • My Husband asked my dad as well as my grandfather the night before he asked me. It was Christmas eve. when he asked the men in my life. Later I found out my Dad said Do I have to pay you to merry her, he kids a lot. This was 15 years ago. On Christmas morning my husband spoiled me with gifts and saved that one special one till last and he had invited family over and there was a crowd watching him. He was so nervous, I was crying, he was crying. It was something special. 10 years later he proposed to me again. This time just me and him and it was really romantic. He had another ring and took me on a weekend trip with out the kids. had flower petal all over the room,candles and put the ring in a box with the key and flower petal I was searching through the petals for the ring. It was very romantic, we had grapes and wine on a blanket with candles. Made love all night. :) He did not take me ring shopping and I would prefer it that way. A ring is a token of his love something he should do on all on his own.

    • awwww that's is so weet me and my boyfriend are talking about having a wedding I am so happy and he is all exited about it