Ladies, how long into a relationship before you expect a proposal??

mind you things are going great and we're both in our early twenties. well I'm 25 and she's 24. we both have steady jobs, finished university together (that's where we met btw). Both our families get along great, we have no kids or pets to tie us together and we've been living together for 2 years now. We've been together for 3 years now.


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  • I stil think that's way too young. You DO know that you'll have to spend the REST OF YOUR LIFE with her? I'm sure she's great but honestly take your time in getting married. Wait til you're around 28/early thirties as someone else said. Its not that much time and even that is way too young in my opinion lol. But seriously wait til you're 28 if you're serious about this. Marriage changes things-its NOT the same as just living together. Marriage isn't about love-its about committment and responsibility. Once you get married, you'll probably have kids, mortgage-a lot of responsibility all in all. Are you ready for that? Would you not prefer to be a bit selfish in your twenties?

    And divorce is such a bitch! It takes so much time and stress. I'm sorry to be negative about it but would you not prefer to delay such responsibility until you're a bit older? I'm European too and if you said you were getting married at 24, people would think you were crazy tbh. Here its around 28-30 avg age to marry, maybe even early thirties for some people. If you do want children, you need to get married by 30 because the woman's fertility goes down big time after 35. Marriage isn't seen as this amazing institution here-I mean, people get married but there are lots of people who just live together for years too. I think the Christian influence has really dimmed here so society is much more secular-which could explain the differences maybe.


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  • i think the time is right for you if you "feel" that it is.

    Living together for 2 years and dating for a total of three -- for sure it is the right time if you think she is "the one" ... if you really don't think that she is -- than I think you need to cut ties so that she can find someone who is serious about a commitment and not just playing house with a "renter's mentality" like you are doing by shacking up together for 2 years.

    Good luck!

  • maybe you should just casually bring up a conversation about marriage and see how she responds.or just show her how strongly you feel about her.there is no real way to know the exact time but just make she is ready somehow because if she's not and you ask anyway things could take a turn for the worst

    • Oh we talk about marriage all the time. I know that she plans on getting married to me one day or eventually. I just wondered how long before she actually expects me to pop the question.

    • If she is living with you, she is expecting it in her future. If your happy, I say propose bring the relationship to the next level.. and maybe just have a long engagment if your not ready for a wedding.

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  • I think the modern man discusses marriage with his partner, then later drops the question at a suitably romantic setting. So really you should have a good idea of what your girlfriend marriage attitudes and expectations are. I don't think there are any written rules, just what each individual person wants.

    when should you propose/get married? I strongly advise to wait till your late twenties early thirties. The reason being then marriage in the early to mid twenties have a 80 percent chance of failing. So getting married that young is just setting your self up for a failure.

    Speaking as a European I'm amazed by the American habit (I'm assuming you're American) of getting married young and then getting divorced. No one does that in Europe, getting married when you're 24 would be view as eccentric.

    • I agree with you ..

    • Ugh- I don't even want to think about marriage until I am around 27-28, maybe. I am 23, and in the US right now, and the whole concept freaks me out, even though I am with a great guy.

    • Pullease.... this whole Euro-centric vibe is ridiculous. What kind of generalization about North American's is that? And let me guess you sh*te perfume too.

      I know PLENTY of Europeans ... myself included... who are married in their mid twenties. This high opinion of yourself is sad really.