Am I really worse than him?

Long story short, my ex girlfriend, who is a very sexy beautiful and cool girl, dumped me after saying that she didn't want to see my ugly face and my tiny d*** anymore, that she used me for sex only in order to forget her ex bf.

Then, he cruely dumped me and humiliated me.

After some months she starts dating this rich and handsome guy, who is everything for her. He just proposed and they're going to get married.

Why did she humilated me and said I made her sick only by imagining I touched her? I still love her but she avoids me and makes a sick face when she sees me.

How is it possible? Am I really so much worse than him?

she* cruely


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  • Yes to her you are much worse than him.

    Odd I thought all the guys on here complained that they'd be happy to be used for sex.


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  • Sounds like she is extremely heartless. There are girls out there that do that sh*t and I think it's sick, personally. Especially to humiliate someone that obviously loves her as much as you apparently do. She doesn't deserve you. Remind yourself of that. From the way it sounds, you are a very sweet guy and I'll bet you will find someone who you love more than that girl could imagine. And I can almost guaruntee you that when that day comes, that girl will be extremely jealous.

  • thats just how she feels about u.

  • She's heartless. You're better off.


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