Do you believe time is the cure for most things?

Like after a heart break, time cures it?

After a bad time in a marriage, time cures it?

It's sort of like do you believe in "patience is a virtue" and wait it out?

why or why not?


And that article states that in an argumentative marriage, where they consider divorce, that it might take about 5 years for the marriage to get better.

Do you think so ? Would you want to wait 5 more years to see if the marriage gets better?

Just wondering... I think I might.


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  • I agree, time does heal all wounds but you'll still feel some pain depending on the situation. You just won't be as depressed as to when it first happened. I lost my dad last year on April 19, 2010 and still can't stop thinking about him. My mom thought about him all week and he'll always be in our hearts.


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  • Time wounds all heels.


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  • I find that true for most things except death, I still miss my grandparents to this very day.