What does he mean when he say he and me is not anything?

I know a guy who introduced me to his friends, all whom are same as him, engage in beauty sales. I just learned that they really can earn big bucks just by recruiting and till now I still not sure if he’s really are friends with me without any motives.

We knew each other for 2 weeks and he always invite me to their (beauty) friends birthday parties or beauty talks/lessons, and he’ll text me every time to ask me text him back when I reach home after that, and a “good night” everyday. After few days, he start to address me as “precious” when he texted me. When I asked him why, he said “you don’t like? Then you want me call you what?”

After that, he went overseas, when he reached there, he texted me. I replied “start to miss you”, he never replied. Till the next night, he called me and chatted awhile but I did not probe him about it. When he was about to return from overseas, he texted me again informing me.

When he’s back, as usual, he’ll invite me to beauty talks, once, I wasn’t able to attend. Then he asked if wanna meet the following day. I guessed it should be that he bought me a present from overseas and wanted to pass to me. I asked him “meet where”, he never replied till the next morning then asked me where I wanna go.

He suggested singing session and I thought only two of us. Who knows after we meet, he told me he also asked few other (beauty) friends whom I also met before, to join us. I asked him when did you ask them? He said in the morning. That means he never intend to go out with me alone.

He specially borrowed VCD for me though I never say I wanted it, and set aside a container of biscuits for me which he bought from overseas.

However, when a friend asked if we’re bf/gf, he immediately within split second say “she and I are not anything”.

I really don’t know what he’s thinking. Can guys out there give me your opinion?


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  • Did he like u?