Which song should I serenade my hubby with?

I have been playing the piano for 14 years but I never play in front of people. The guy I have been dating wants to hear me play so I told him that I would play a song for him. Which of these songs would you guys most like to have a girl play for you or be most impressed by?

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Thanks! :)

  • La Cumparsita
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  • Libertango
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  • Turkish March
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  • See results/other/I hate piano music
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  • Your hubby? So you're sure he's gonna propose huh?

    Anyway lemme listen...

    • It was a joke. Aren't I funny? :)

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    • 3rd one is Mozart. 'nuff said

      The only thing is that I've heard it dozens of times in my life so I already knew every note by heart. But it's still fantastic.

      I'm voting no. one because it's newer to me.

    • oops I already voted for C

      frankly they are all incredibly good

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  • Don't really like any of them to be honest, they're all far too overplayed. The second one doesn't seem to be much of a challenge for someone who's been playing for 14 years either, the left hand seems to be almost much all chords. What feeling are you trying to convey to him? What about some of the Goldberg variations? Maybe the 5th one? If it was me I'd play one of Bach's Well Tempered Claviers, or Prokofiev's 7th sonata iii. Alright, not very realistic choices perhaps. Why not something more romantic? Brahms composed some nice piano pieces. Rachmaninov? Play Rachmaninov! If I wanted to steal a girl's heart, I'd play her Rachmaninov! I'm sure your boyfriend would appreciate it if you picked the right one, assuming you can pull it off technically...

  • well the shear speed of mozart is impressive, but I think something that would be more inspired is something that is slower and in a minor scale so that it creates tension and keeps in on the edge of his seat. I voted c but I think b would be better since everyone's heard mozart a million times so something new would be better.

  • 3rd one


What Girls Said 1

  • no a huge fan of any of those songs, but of the three, I love the second one, it's beautiful

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