Do attractive women deserve to be super picky of men?

Im a married woman and im very happy with my husband. Although he is not rich, he does anything that will make me happy. He surprises with flowers a lot just because it doesn't have to be a special day. He protects and provides for me and when im sick he cares for me. I hear a lot of women saying a guy has to make at least a certain amount of money for them to give any guy attention.. I understand the money part but I'd rather have a broke guy who would do anything for me than a rich guy who is out running around. I go to bed at night confident I don't have an std because I know with confidence my husband only has eyes for me. My husband works with an Asian man who is married to an Asian woman and he tells me that this Asian man drools over women like crazy. He said he caught him taking pictures of a woman's butt when she wasn't looking. I'm happy to a husband like I do. ... I know race isn't a big deal but im black and my husband is white I'm in great shape and I have a lot guys liking me and I know I could land a rich guy if I wanted but I would never trade my husband for anything.
Do attractive women deserve to be super picky of men?
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