She didn't respond to my text?

I've been dating a girl for roughly 2 months. Lately though, we haven't seen each other much, Saturday (5/28) it will of been 3 weeks. I didn't think much of this because:

1. the first week she couldn't hang out because she had finals.

2. the second week she was out of state with the Marching band.

3. the following weekend (yesterday) she left for South America.

I didn't get to see her anytime in between because she was busy rehearsing 8 hours a day. I sent her a text over the weekend asking her about what her plans were. She told me (it took her hours to respond) but when I proposed if we "could hang out later tonight" I never got a text back. She's never done this before. I don't know if she is just really busy or what? She has initiated texts to me in the past, we have made out, been on 6-7 dates I think. I feel like the fizzle is fading and I'm (and possibly her) are losing interest. I really like her, please give me suggestions.

I just can't believe that she didn't text me the following day either to say goodbye before she left for South America. I doubt she will have cell service while she is down there for a few days. I forgot to mention right after she gets back I'm going on vacation. I really want to see her but I'm really frustrated and don't want to freak out on her.

I'm worried also because she had told me earlier in the week she'd find time to see me before she left for S. America. That was few days prior to the unresponsive text.

That just fell apart for no apparent reason or explanation. I'm just really confused...
I keep having these paranoid thoughts that maybe she is talking to someone else or met someone that is also in band. I'm unraveling but there is no way I'm sending her another text until she sends me one. Pretty crazy what one text can do right?!


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  • I'm pretty sure she will answer one of your calls eventually. When she does, you should tell her how you feel. Go ahead and ask her what's up? Ask her why she hasn't been answering, just get things straight with her. I hope everything works out. :*)


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