Men: what role does your friend play in approaching/dating women? Do you have a designated "wing man"?

Men, when you see a woman that you want, what role does your friend, if any, play in you engaging in approaching the woman? Do you two talk about her, and scrutinize first? Do you send your friend or wing man to do your bidding for you? Do you trust him to do that? Have you two ever had an interest in the same woman, and if so, how did you figure out who gets the girl? Once you do get the girl, how do you introduce her around your friend? Do you care about what your friend has to say about the girl, especially if you love her? Do you discuss your sex life, and details about your relationship thereafter, to your friend? Have you ever broken up with a girl or not approach her, because your friend said so? Men, talk to me about women, and your friend? Thanks!


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  • No. The only friend I'd consider having be a "wingman" would just know it, or I could just pull him aside and say "hey I really wanna bang the brunette, mind taking the heat from her friend while I talk to her?"

    Though I'm so bold I have no issue approaching a group of women to talk to one. I also have enough tactics to break down the "we're a group of girls, guys go away!"thing, unless the girls are genuinely in that position and the girl I want to talk to isn't interested in me, but if that's the case then I don't want to waste my time anyway...

  • They don't play any roles. I want a wingman though.


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