If your boyfriend/girlfriend proposed, what would you do?

would you take it seriously or as a joke? lol I got a friend who's proposed to his girl 4 times she said no twice and thought it was a joke the other 2... so yeah how would you react?


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  • i would think its a joke... I had a friend who went down on his knees in public and was as romantic as he can be. but he's jokes around a lot so I knew it was a joke. he didn't have a ring too!

    well if my boyfriend ever went down on his knees with a ring, IN PUBLIC... id say yes. if we were alone...id wonder if the ring was fake or if he meant it :(

    • haha true you always wonder =P

    • cause its different if he always jokes around like that! :( just this week he went down on 1 knee for like maybe 3 times...and id just sit on the leg that's up and go wwwhheee lol

    • haha eww you went wee on his leg?!?!?! gwoss

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  • I wouldn't believe him at all.

    And if he insisted, I'd let him down easily... I won't be ready for marriage any time soon!

  • Say no.

  • Id take it as a joke and laugh...

    we have broken up because he lied

    • sux I'm really sorry =(

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    • haha my friend proposed and his girl just laughed lol =P no real reason my girl broke up with me so I couldn't really proprose to her now =P

    • haha cool.. :) aww.. you will find another to propose to.

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