I want him to give me another chance but how?

When 1st time he proposed me I said no ! But now I want him back

I want him to take initiative again and make me feel lovely please help m getting mad about him and his behaving like a jerk, ignoring exactly Pathetic

Please help!


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  • He proposed to you, and you rejected him.

    Now he doesn't really want to talk to you, and that makes him a jerk?

    • But we are still friends

    • I'll tell you what I told the other guy. She really doesn't get it. She hasn't taken his feelings into account. Not even in the slightest. I tried to tell her this in IM yesterday, she still didn't get it. She's not going to get it.

    • yes you toban please don't say anything ok

      I apologies to him and said everything

      We are going on date tommorrow


  • Try to talk with him, pass smiles, just do whatever that you think he will like

    Good luck

    • this time I don't want to take any steps from my side

    • So how he will know you are stil interested in him ,because first time you said no to him not he and now you want to be with him not he, you have to take a first step this time

    • I just spent the last half hour explaining exactly that to her in IM chat. She doesn't understand any of this. She doesn't understand why her boyfriend is upset that she said no to his marriage proposal. She doesn't understand that "Maybe we're just better off being friends" is his way of saying "I'm breaking up with you" She doesn't understand why he doesn't propose to her again, even after all that. You're not going to get through to her.

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