He asks me about marriage in 10 or 5 years?

My guys asked me if we were doing the same thing in 10 years would I marry him. Then he asked me about five years. This tells me he's thinking about it and kinda testing the waters with a circumstantial question. When he asks about ten first then five years is he asking a little more realistically? Is he trying to play it safe by by putting time frames on these questions? Or is he really not ready for marriage now and he wants a backup plan?


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  • Are you dating him? I think he's just asking about a circumstantial situation. Who knows where you will end up in 5-10 years from now. Its just crazy to ask about I wouldn't worry or put to much thought in to what he said

    • I am dating him. And I'd like it if he were moving toward something more serious. I don't want to be his backup.

    • Well I have heard that planning to get married is a recipe for disaster. If you really think your going to get married take it day by day. Don't plan on it don't talk about it every day. If you want him to get serious maybe talk about it? I mean it seems like you want someone serious to be with..if that's not what he's looking for then maybe you should move on from eachother?

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