He's engaged....whats his deal?

So I work in the mall and there is this guy that I'm interested in, lets call him Bob and he frequently comes over to where I work.

I told everyone that I worked with that I liked him because we're close like that. So one of my friends (Billie) knows Bob on a friends basis and asked him about me. so he's in line and billie is up there talking to bob. Billie asks how old bob is(25) and I'm about to be 17.So billie asked what bob thought of me, he said I was cute.

So about a week later I'm working with all guys. So Chris goes and tells Bob that I like him. And bob responds "Oh I know, someone (billie) told me on Sunday. I think she's cute. How old is she.?"So then Chris tells me that Bob is shy and all this other stuff.

So then later that night. A girl that works at bob's place comes over and orders something from us. The guys tell her about bob. She tells me that bob had a fiancee. and that I should have gotten the nerve the walk up to him.

So I'm peeved and upset at this point. But my questions are if he was about to be married then 1)why would he say I was cute?

2) ask chris how old I was? 3)flirt with me?


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  • 1. he's a dirtbag

    2. he wants to know if you're legal (because he's a dirtbag)

    3. again, dirtbag

    You're young, go find another guy to flirt with who is not an engaged dirtbag.