What makes a guy decide he wants more?

my guy and I have been official for 4 mos. now (5 mos. courted) and we are eachother's first gf/bf. when he came over a day before my 1month out of the country trip he decided he wants second base and we did. he asked me if it was okay and I told him "yea ..but we do know each others' limit, right?" my question is what makes a guy decids he wants more? (i'm not used to him being aggressive) what are the hints points that a guy wants more from you...I am planning on saving myself till marriage ... do you think he understands my point when I said "limit" or should I openly talk more about it to him(w/c I don't want to)?


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  • No, tell him you want to wait until marriage, and yes talk openly about your limits with him


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  • Oh another follower of 'sex after marriage' I honestly don't get these kind of girls. He'll probably leave you sorry for being so up front with you but this how it's going to be, believe it or not there's rarely a guy who'd stay with a girl without having sex with her, unless he's a mormon.


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