Do you prefer a civil wedding or a church wedding & why?

I personally prefer a church wedding because we are giving a promise in front of god and our marriage is becoming sacred and the whole church marriage tradition and the bible leads you to have an awesome happy humble family!

  • I prefer civil wedding cause I can divorce anytime I want & take 50% of what he owns!
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  • I prefer church wedding cause it's the thing to do and it's the real marriage!
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  • I have no preference really, all I ask is that it's someplace beautiful. It would also depend on my husband's beliefs, since I think it's best to make decisions together.

  • Preferably a church, because I am corny and do think that I'd want to tie the knot in Gods crib. BUT, if my fiance wasn't religious and felt uncomfortable with it, I wouldn't press for it. I can be accommodating, believe it or not.

    I commend you on a great question, Tony. :)

  • church, because I'm Catholic.

  • Your poll is bullsh*t.

    But I prefer a Church wedding. I want to say my vows before God. It's more beautiful, traditional, and, for me, right.

    • why my poll is bullsh*t?

    • Because it is so biased. Anyone who doesn't want a Church wedding automatically wants a divorce? You know that is false. You're just a jerk.

What Guys Said 2

  • I make my promises to my wife. If I wanted to make promises to fairy tales I'd do it in front of the Easter bunny.

    • I think that you must respect other people's believes!

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    • "FrancoBattiato" your a stupid clown, do you know that...i won't ask god to punish you...i'm just wondering how will you be able to talk when I pull your tongue out of your mouth and brake all your fingers...your really an idiot PUNK! I just wish if I can face you...i bet that I can knock you out with one punch by breaking your F***IN jaw!

    • Ahhh, why is it always the religious idiots that resort to threats/actions of violence? Yes, I'm sure you'd break my jaw, all my fingers, and surgically remove my tongue from my mouth. That's very very likely. Hey! Why not just grow up! I had to stop believing in fairies when I was 9. And notice how you've asked me to respect others beliefs? Well me not doing so is technically my belief to the contrary right? So are you respecting my beliefs? Haha, f*** off you pansy.

  • I'd prefer civil wedding. I'm not religious at all and don't believe in what I consider to be supernatural. I respect your beliefs I have many religious friends and family members but I could never believe in it so a church wedding wouldn't be for me. I would definitely love the woman with all my heart for as long we we live.

    • oh and by the way this is a nice change to the housewife questions you should mix it up more often it keeps things interesting haha.

    • OK partner!