What if your boyfriend tells you that he wants this kind of marriage...?

1st: He wants church marriage...

2nd: you must take his family name, "example: if you were (natasha henstridge % he's jean claude van damme, you will become natasha van damme after marriage)

3rd: he hopes that you will be very happy by becoming a housewife...

4th: you will love him and consider him the 1st in your life and you everything...

  • I will happily accept it, and be his wife forever...giving all myself to him!
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  • I will accept everything but I might change couple of things like...
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  • I will never accept that and I will dump a prehistoric man like that!
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  • Something else...
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  • Well it depends on how much he has his heart set on this, and why he wants this kind of marriage. The first two I don't have any problem with, I planned on doing that anyways. The third one, I would be okay with, but we would have to talk it over. And the fourth one, well of course I will love him to pieces, but I just hope he's not using that as an excuse to isolate me and keep me from my friends and stuff ("But why would you go out with them? I thought I was more important").

    • Well you shouldn't be worried about it because he will never isolate you from your friends but you must listen to him when he doesn't wants you to go out with them,because when a man loves only you and just wants to be only with you and never care about anyone else,than you must do the same for him,he ain't asking you something that he didn't do in the 1st place,when he says NO going out this night than you will hug him and be with him happy,and vice versa,because all what it matters are both of u.

    • I feel like I would get smothered very fast. >.<

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  • 1) I wouldn't mind getting married in my church- and Unitarian Universalist church. But if he asks for a wedding in a Christian/Catholic/Protestant etc. church then I'd have to protest. I don't believe in that and I would feel extremely uncomfortable. I would much rather have a small wedding out in the forest in spring than in any church. The same goes for a priest, I don't want a catholic or such priest/minister. I don't believe in the bible and it would really make me uncomfortable for someone to be preaching from the bible talking about how God is watching over us and approving this marriage when that's not my belief.

    2) I would love to take his name, there's nothing that would make me happier, in fact. But I would keep my maiden name as my middle name, just so I feel like I haven't been taken away from my family. My parents just got a divorce and moved apart and my mom changed her name back and it all seemed so disconnected. I felt like I didn't have a family any more, just a mom and a dad but not family. I don't want to feel like that again so I'd keep my maiden name as my middle name to feel like I still had my parents.

    3) I'm going to be a teacher. I'm in college, working hard to get a degree in English so I can teach high school. I couldn't stay home, I would feel completely useless and like I was mooching off of my husband. I plan on working as an English teacher in a city school and during the summer tutoring, volunteering and traveling (with my husband if he wants to come) when I have the money to.

    4) I consider my family to be first in my life. And since he would now be family he is first. Of course if there is an emergency with my parents regardless of what plans I have with him I will go see them because they raised me and I love them and they were always there. But the same goes for if he had an emergency, regardless of what plans I had with my parents I would go to him immediately and take care of him.

    If he would be willing to compromise on a few things I would more than gladly marry him- provided I loved him and we'd been together a while and all that.

    • I liked the most number 4, and all the others I didn't but it's your opinion...your a nice girl even you have a completely different opinion than mine, but I don't know why would you believe in god or in the bible...i feel sorry for you...anyways good luck!

    • wonderful answer +1

    • You'll make some lucky guy happy.

  • I chose A! I love him! I would do ANYTHING for him. :-D

  • 1) I wouldn't mind a church marriage.

    2) I'd take his family name, its not that big of a deal.

    3) I wouldn't want to be a housewife. Just the thought of being at home all day every day isn't for me. I prefer going out and working.

    4) That's fine with me, as long as he feels and does the same.

  • I would love a church marriage, his family name and I would love to be a housewife! I would always put him before me too :)

  • No to the third. Not gonna happen.

  • 1 and 2, no probs.

    3 and 4 are bullsh*t for the birds.

    He may NOT dictate to me what my career is. We agree on eveyrthing in the relationship, and I don't intend to be a housewife foreever. He has to work with me on that.

    He cannot want me to be obsessed with him. My children are my life. He is very important, yes, especially if I love him, but he is not the only thing in my life. I would not curl up and die if he left me. Just like I don't expect him to curl up and die if I leave him. I am a free human being; I lov emore than one person (him, my kids, my parents, my family and friends), and I don't do ANYTTHING he wants me to do. What if he wanted me to kill someone? Am I supposed to do that because I "love" him?

    • you know what, F*** YOU!

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    • you very luck, that you ain't saying this to me face to face! I just wanted to tell you this, VERY LUCKY!

    • Oh yeah, why? If you respect women so much and are so religious, go on and tell me why I'm so lucky. And then answer my question.

  • 3 and 4 are kind of ... eh. I think if he didn't enforce the whole housewife thing then it would be okay. of course he'd always be 1st, but that's because it's her choice... not because he asks that of her. then again when kids come along, he might kind of be 2nd really...

    • Why is that? well your wrong, your husband must always be the 1st cause your marrying him and he will remain with you forever and your united with him and not with your kids...

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    • the 1st one

    • hmm... idk. I don't think the 2nd one is such a bad alternative. 1st one is a little limiting... unless that's what the female wants. I think either are fine really, whatever makes them happy! if my husband had a job that didn't require that I work, I'd definitely work part time... unfortunately it generally takes two peoples incomes to put the kids through school/feed the family.

  • I think the only thing I would fully be OK with on this list is the 4th statement as long as he viewed me the same way.

  • if I want to be a housewife then I will, if I don't, then I won't. he's not going to force me into anything. and your questions are beyond disturbing

    • I never meant forcing you, he said what he wants and you can choose what you want, and if he wanted to force than he would of never asked you!

      if my questions are beyond disturbing than please don't answer!

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  • Most of your questions are sh*t, but if a woman wanted to keep her own name, I'll happily be a house husband and let her pay for everything.

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