Besides for the worst (all you negative guys out there) does marriage change these things?

Are you more protective, or are if you weren't before are you now protective over your wife?

Do you want other women less?

Are you even more jealous about her guy friends?

Do you tend to share more food?

Do you have sex more often (if you had sex before marriage)?

Do you want to be around them more?

Do you like being married better than just dating or just being girlfriend and boyfriend?

Does music mean more to you, now that you have someone to call your "wife"?

Do you love introducing her as your "wife" or "Mrs." and get a secret or maybe even noticeable thrill from it?

I was just curious what life is like for guys after crossing over into marriage. So if you only want to answer a couple questions that's fine. :) I would love to hear from some guys who really love being married. If there are those of you who wish you weren't married, feel free to comment also. It will be interesting and hopefully educational to read those views too.


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  • I've both been married and in long term cohabiting monogamous relationships. The only thing different was the women involved.

    • You're the same girl who wants to flop back and forth from being 'bad' and 'good', right?

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    • it's supposed to be a thumbs up, as in yes. Doesn't work on here, and I think I got it backwards.

  • Too many questions.

    Answer yes to all.


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