He said he doesn't want to date again, the only way we've be together is marriage?

i have been living with my ex for almost a year now...we broke up a few months ago...some things have happened, some really bad things...anyway, I stayed...we aren't together and he wants to be "friends" but yet he continues to hold my hand out in public, tells me he loves me, tells me he is in love with me and could live with me for the rest of his life. he says he doesn't want to date again, he doesn't want to be with me right now because he wants to do his own thing and the only way we'd ever be together again is if we got married..what the hell does that mean


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  • He wants you to marry him, maybe?

    • he doesn't want a girlfriend right now he says, says we will never date the only way we would be together is if we got married...

    • E.g. - he does not want to date. It's marriage or nothing.

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  • Do you really want to marry this man?

    • no, too much has happened at this point...but I just don't understand how you can not want to be with someone but say the only way you would be together is if you got married to them?

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    • thanks! I honestly am torn between staying and leaving. it's seriously exhausting - emotionally and physically wearing on me.. I was a completely different person when I met him and I lost myself bein with him and around him... it's like he sucked the life right out of me :(

    • & that's why you should leave :)