Boyfriend getting distant, what to do?

OK so we still spend quite a bit of time together but lately when he's been texting me he will ask me if I want to go somewhere but tell me oh you don't have to come if you don't want. He never used to do this. He also doesn't message me no where near what he used to or call as much as he used to. We have been together about a year. What are the best ways to keep your boyfriend interested or to keep things fun?


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  • I tend to disagree with the answers so far. Getting distant yourself when you feel he is getting distant from you could be a straight path to breaking up. I agree with the advice that you don't want to be pushy though. My advice for you is you need to be creative and fun. Act positive, don't get clingy, just act positive and upbeat with him, you'll be amazed on how other people feel good when they see someone happy.

    About being creative, suggest places to go, things to do, tell him you like when you and him do things together. If he's into sport may be tell him it'd be cool to do something together. Also notch it up in the sex department, be flirty with him, dress sexy here and there around him.

    Don't go over the top, but I garantee you seeing a girl happy, that looks good, that doesn't just sit on her hands but propose things fun to do sometimes is a big turn on for most guys.

    You badically want him to wake up from his funk thinking "wtf Am I doing? This girl rocks! I better wake up because I don't want her to get bored with me!"


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  • be a bit distant your self focos on your own life. it will intrigue him. and most of all DONT WORRY OR PANIC. it will make you do somehitn you don't want to.

    don't be needy or pushy around him

    and most of all trust him

    i wish I did the above I lost the love of my life and fighting pretty hard to win him back

  • Whatever you do don't be pushy it will make him run...try to be somewhat distant yourself but do it will make him miss you and want to be with you more