Is my relationship doomed?

I'm not doing well and am so stressed out about this. To make it short, it was a long relationship, broken up in the past for a year and a half, got back together for 2 years, but things went wrong for a while, much of it is my fault, we've talked about getting married, he is my best friend and I'm completely in love with him.

because of how things went wrong, he wants space and time away from me to decide whether or not we should get married. he says it is so easy for us to spend time together, but that either we need to have it all or have nothing.

i don't want time away from him! the past 2 months with him have been great, but that doesn't make up for the 2 years before that it was bad. can I have any hope?

i don't know what to do. I'm struggling.

also, if anyone wants the whole, long story, I would really love if you would look at that. its titled "Boyfriend wants time away to decide whether or not we could get married. I really need advice" and it was posted about 4 hours ago, probably on the second page of 'relationships.'

thanks so much.


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  • He's forcing marriage on you? Not cool. Especially since things went bad for a while. I think you both need some extra time to figure it out and be happy.

    As much as a marriage can happen with one big proposal, a divorce can happen over one big negative event.

    • i think what he wants is to analyze what has happened in our relationship, and since we have been together for such a long time, he doesn't want to mess around anymore. I think he knows that if we get back together, we will probably end up getting married, but he said that he doesn't know if he wants to or if we can, and he needs to know that before we move on.

    • I see. Indecisive whether to put the ring on your finger or not, due to past history. The question is - do you want to marry him? If so, then just be good to him. Talk things through and let him know how you feel. If not, let him know also. Or if you keep silent and let him decide on his own, so be it.

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  • See a relationship counselor. Normally, I'd say your relationship is doomed, but it seems that both of you want to make it work.


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  • lol, okay. Why do people continually put themselves through this garbage? WHY? Do you like being stressed out and miserable all the time? Start over. Jeez. It's not worth the drama, find someone else it won't be that hard to do there are a lot of single people out there. If someone really loves you and forgives you for anything it won't be something that latter on affects their decisions, thus, they are LYING and being DISHONEST. Who wants that? Leave and find someone new.