Why do some guys contact their exes after the guy broke it off?

My ex boyfriend broke up with me and then went to New Orleans the same week and was basically engaged to another girl. That was last summer and now out of the blue, he emails me on Facebook and wants to talk to me and then tells me that he is engaged and if I can't just be friends with him that I should lose his number when he gave me his number to begin with. I tell him that I was doing just fine before he spoke to me and I deleted his number. Well I am on a dating website and I can see who has viewed my profile and who else is it but him...I check his profile because I'm not 100% sure its him but it is. He doesn't mention that he is engaged or anything but says that he is looking for friends and if anything leads up to something else he was game...I am so confused as to why he contacted me.


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  • he sounds like a creep, I wouldn't worry about why he contacted you and just leave it alone, nothing good can come of this even if you figure out what his motives are.