Ive been with Chris for 8 months. Before he told me he loved me, he started dropping hints about it. By the time he told me- I already knew:)

Now he's dropping the same hints, except this time I think he's going to ask me to marry him. Is 8 months too soon? I want to say yes, but am I jumping the gun? (Lol or broom depending on how you want to look at it...)



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  • With divorce rates so high these days, id say 8 months is too soon. I even think 2 years is soon. If he asks, saying no could hurt the relationship. Id say have a really long engagement as Shaun said, and I suggest being together for at least 5 years living together before you actually get married. 3-5 years is usually the mark were serious couples split as I've noticed, so if you are at 5 and are still in love, then marriage would be good. My sister and her fiancĂ© were together for around 4 years before they got engaged, and another 4 before they got married. You can't know if someone is right for you if you're still in the honeymoon stage.

    • It just seems kinda ridiculous to be together "like" we're married, but to not actually be married..?

    • well when you get married nothing changes, except that you're legally binded together. your lives won't change. be together like your married without being married right away to see if it will work out. like a trial run, marriage is a big decision that you have to make sure will work out.

    • Thats true- thank you! :)

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  • Are you guys saving yourself? Are you living together? Are there health insurance needs? Would this be a long engagement?

    I don't think 8 months is too short if you're on the same page and have spent a lot of time together. Have you guys already let your guard down around each other?

    • Weve already had sex if that's what you're asking. And he's my best friend- I feel like I could tell him anything. I really love him and the thought of spending the rest of my life with him makes me kinda giddy actually:) but marraiges fail so often these days and I REALLY don't want to lose him that way.. (or ever :/ )

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    • I'm kidding of course lol, people get married at different times in their lives. I got another question for you though, my best friend likes me and she's going to be 20 and I'm going to be 28, we are planning on having a relationship when she's ready, I know age shouldn't matter but what attracted you to a guy 17 years older then you?

    • He did? Lol I didn't ask him how old he was until much later- AFTER I already liked him:)

  • No 8 months isn't long enough, I was engaged for 2 years and we weren't ready to get married, 8 months isn't long enough to get to know each other, wait at least a year. Living together isn't a smart idea either

    • Why not? Wouldn't it be a good way to see if we can stand each others' living habits?

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    • when then he should before he gets to much older. lol

    • Hahahaha that would p*ss him off so bad x)

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  • It all depends on SO much. Most of all, do you feel rushed? Do you feel like you two are on the same page, and you really know each other? 8 months can be too fast for some people, and for other people, 8 months can be just right.

    • I think I really know him and I guess he really knows me but I don't want to speak for him lol. I feel like I've known him all my life. And then I actually counted and found out it's only been 8 months. I guess that's what scares me, the fact that I feel like it's been longer than it has.

      I mean- is that a good thing or a bad thing?

    • I don't think there's anything wrong with getting engaged after only 8 months. I don't know your relationship though. If I may suggest... if he proposes, say yes if that's what you really want, then just have a long engagement before you get married. If you two love each other right now, you will still love each other in a year or two. And if for some reason, it doesn't work out, it's a lot easier to break up than go through a divorce.

    • Thats true- thanks:)