Is she not in love with me anymore?

During our 1st 2 years together, she was the most attentive girlfriend you could ever want. She worshipped me and would do anything to please. Very unselfish, sexually and otherwise.She had been married twice before and me once. Three kids between us. I was over cautious and resisted moving too fast, but cared about her very much. I forced her to change her views on the need to escalate things so quickly, but thought I always assured her of my love for her. After 2 yrs, I was ready for the next step and we bought a house together. She then expected a quick road to marriage immediately after, and I continued to resist out of fear. She would occasionally make her desire for marriage known, but would succumb to my sensible opinions and back down in what seemed to be understanding.She started a new job nine months later and developed a crush/emotional affair with some minor physical contact. She admitted to being very close to sex with this guy (and maybe actually had for all I know). It also seemed that she would have left me for him, had it not been for the possibility of losing custody of her child to her ex-husband in the process. She literally was trapped with me because of this. This incident really woke me up and made me realize what I had done to her. I loved her very much and did not want to lose her. I opened up all my broken pieces to her from my past to make her understand why I was so resistant to her desires for more. We seemed to reconnect at a higher level and then planned to marry within the next 3-4 months. Things were incredible, and we married as planned. I am, and always was, very much in love with her. We are now married 4 months. For the last 3 months, sex has diminished dramatically. She is also no longer interested in taking care of me sexually when she is incapable of making love for whatever reason (period, tired, stressed etc.). She used to be all about that. We have talked about this a few times and she has acknowledged the problem, knows I am unhappy with how things have changed, but makes no effort to correct it. I know she loves me but it feels like just out of friendship, companionship and respect for all I do for her. There is no passion on he part. She now rarely has an orgasm, despite my dilligence, when we do have contact, which is now once every 2-3 weeks. You would think she'd come like a fire hose considering the time in between. I believe that she fell out of love with me and that was the cause of her to stray. It seemed as though things came back, but now I'm not so sure. I think I may have lost her emotionally some time ago, but she's stayed with me and married me only because it was the right thing for her and her daughter. She is an admitted love addict, and has had therapy for it in the past. Her history has always been that a new relationship has always ended an existing one. She is very beautiful and has men hitting on her constantly. What do you girls think? Do I have a problem here?


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  • wow.thats a difficult situation at best! I do believe you have some issues that need to be address. I'm sorry for your pain. If she makes no effort now to change may want to look at that again! Things do change once you've lived togather and now are married. Sometimes, it just the thrill of chase. It also should have been a sign to you when she strayed while you all were living togather.You should do what is best for you.and you alone. If you can deal with the situation as it is.okay.if have some real decisions to make! Good luck


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