I love him but it's just too soon for me to think about marriage. I think he is going all serious on me!

Here's the thing.The other night my boyfriend and I were out and out of the blue he turned all sweet on me. He started saying how he loves me, how he can't imagine life without me, how he feels like I'm part of his family. And than he said something like: Would you want to be mine forever? I choked and somehow managed to turn it into a joke, and he let it go. What do I do If he says something like that again? I love him but its just too soon for me to think about marriage.And he NEVER mentioned anything like that before, so it just came as a surprise to me. What do I do?

Who the hell edits these questions?! I haven't wrote it like that?


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  • "I love him but its just too soon for me to think about mariage"

    Why not just tell him so?

    • Cuz I guess its not the nicest thing to hear. I would be all freaked out if I hear that...I know its not that bad but it brings more questions.

    • Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. He needs to hear it even if he doesn't like it. Communication is the most important thing in a relationship, it's when you hide sh*t that things f*** up. Just tell him straight that you think it's too soon :)

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  • tell him you love him but that stuff is in the future and your not ready to talk about it yet...if he really loves you he should understand

    • Yeah, understand or dump me :)))ANd I don't want that :)

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    • Honestly, I don't know. I believe that very few relationships can survive a rejection like that. I had a friend who said no and they broke up a month after that. I understand that it hurts a guys pride if you say no, I really do. And the last thing I want to do is hurt him.

    • I never said get dumped...saying you are not ready and saying no are verrrry different. And honestly if he was stupid enough to dump the girl he so-called loves so much because she wasn't ready that would be pretty pathetic...I can understand not wanting to hurt him but if you have a good relationship you should know how to communicate well and say things in a way that won't hurt his feelings