Is he the one and what do I do?

We have been together for 2 year. Year one wasn't too great but this past year has been much better. We had a talk the other night about feelings since we were talking about marriage and stuff (he brought it up). We are only 21 and 23 also. We both said the future scares us becase we didn't picuture ourselves in serious relationships at this age yet. He said "they say you just know when you found her and I don't feel I just know yet. I still have what it's sometimes and I thought when I found the one I would just know and not still want to get in other girls' pants (he was a player before me)." I said it scares me too because I have what if's too sometimes. But I feel like we both feel like this maybe because we are scared that we are in this for forever and will only be with one another and it's scaring us. Someone help me with advice because I am not sure what to think or do.


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  • The two of you are guilty of overthinking this one. Try to live life; have fun; have sex; and just be a good boyfriend and girlfriend to each other. The two of you are obsessing too much. If it's meant to be, it will be and if not, it won't. Relax a little.


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  • I agree with Longshot. Just relax see what happens. You guys are obviously not ready to walk down the aisle today, but that doesn't mean you never will. If you're both happy being together and want to continue the relationship then just keep doing what you've been doing. Maybe a year from now you'll both feel more ready for a serious relationship. That's when you guys should start discussing marriage. Not now.