My best friend said he is In-Love with me.

So my best friend of 5 years or so said he is falling in-love with me. And I'm engaged to my boyfriend of 2 yrs. I'm not really sure if I should tell my boyf that he said that to me because I know he will freak out and want me to stop talkin to him but he is my best friend. plus I'm just confused about him sayin that to me period. I wasnt sure what to say to him when he said it. He is always talkin about if we "could" be together and I'm not sure how to tell him that I can't date him. soo someone please help me out with this! lol.


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  • Wow girl that's a tough. from my point of veiw I think you should tell your bestfriend, that your engaged and you guys can't be together.

    I think if he really is really a good friend he will understand. But it's going to be hard to stay friend since then he told you, that he loves you.

    But on the other hand your still not married so you should really think this over and decide who is the best guy for, its gona be hard but that's the choice every girl has to make.

    And yeah one more thing don't you date telling your boyfriend or don't even mation, thing will be complicated if you will.


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  • Just tell him, "I'm not interested in you. End of discussion. Sorry."


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  • tell him that you are a soon-to-be-married woman and him saying anything of that nature is very inappropriate and you would like for him to stop. as for whether or not you should tell your fiancee, I can see where you would be hesitant, but you are going to marry this man and honesty is best, especially if your friend comments are bothersome to you. the best way to deal with situations like these are to put the shoe on the other foot. how would you feel if your fiancee's best friend that he always hung out with was female and told him that she was in love with him and wanted them to be together. keeping secrets is never good, no matter what nature they are (unless it's like a surprise party) especially if your man finds out from someone else that you were keeping it from him. good luck :)

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