Is he really engaged or not? really confused

OK, this friend of mine has just got engaged. He owns his own company and I work with him so he's like my boss and my friend, he surprised me by saying that his engagement was today.

Even the day before he asked me to go with him to this work-related event and I agreed to go with him. We were working together that day till like 6:30 and then he told me his parents are calling him so he can come to his engagement!.

So anyways, I congratulated him and the next day I opened my mail, and I found out he was sending me some work emails. The emails were sent after midnight at around 1:00AM after his engagement.

So anyways when I saw him, I asked him how did it go, and he said after the reception, they went to eat and after that he went to his company and continued working till like 6:00 AM! I was like "What the hell, it's your engagement, you should be celebrating not going to work?" (of course I didn't tell him that)

Anyways, I asked him what her name is, and he said that her name is the same as mine. I was so surprised. I mean, of all the names in the world, his fiancee has the same name as me! Coincidence?

It's also kinda weird that he's discrete about his engagement, like for instance, he didn't announce he's engaged on Facebook and he didn't change his profile picture or anything, also she has no activity on his profile, (no likes or comments or anything)!

I tried searching among his friends for his fiancee and I couldn't find anyone (no pictures ..nothing)

I know I'm kinda curious...but do you think this is weird, why is he not enthusiastic about this? or am I reading too much into it?

I need your opinions? She seems mysterious like she never exists...


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  • The only thing that is weird was that he hasn't named her before if you are that good friends.. I mean not all people have Facebook, so then it wouldn't be strange that he didn't update his profile (I never update my profile, especially not about relationship-things) or that she hasn't written anything on his wall. And if it is a reception for the engagement, then they probably already have celebrated alone when he asked her, and this thing was only a public thing for family. so in that case its not weird that he went to work, he probably had much to do and wanted to get as much done so he could help with the wedding/take time of for the honeymoon later.

    Why on earth would he lie about a engagement? its not like he would gain anything by it.. and unless you have a foreign really unusual name than its not that strange that she has the same name as you :p like I said, why would he lie about it?

  • That does seem a bit odd. Before you jump to any conclusions wait a bit longer to see if you see anything different. Maybe he just wants it to be a private thing because people lurk on Facebook. And some people don't have Facebook even though that seems odd.

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