Hey guys, what would you think if a girl texted you this...?

My guy friend got a text from a girl he's been talking to these days, and it said (in the midst of their conversation), "Maybe someday we'll both have some time to check out a movie. [A theater in our area that shows obscure/indie movies] tends to show some good things."

So, at first I was thinking, "Oh! She's totally asking him out!" but he seems a tad uncertain about what she means. Maybe it's just a girl thing, but it seems pretty straightforward to me. But more importantly, what do you guys think she's getting at by this?


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  • The girl is asking him out in an indirect way. Not straight-out, I fancy you, but I like you and we'll see where it goes.

    • Sweet! It's good to know that ONE guy gets where I'm coming from about this. So, next question for you... how exactly do you think he should respond (he talks to her quite a bit, and she's a very sweet, cute little thing... I doubt he DOESN'T want to say yes)?

    • He sounds silly if he doesn't agree to see her. The most important thing is going to see something they both want to see. To break it down, it's just a film. Meet beforehand, chat, then afterward, chat. And definitely do not go with a group.

      Two ways, yes, that sounds like a plan, or

      Sure why not, sounds like fun.

      The 2nd one isn't a yes, but more of an agreement.

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  • If he was a husband, and a women outside of the marriage asked him to a movie would it be ok?

    • Not at all.

    • What? Haha

      Is that relevant to this question? This guy is like my brother. :P

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  • Uh, straightforward to me, too. I don't think she could get any more straightforward.

    • Haha, that's what I thought. :P I guess it proves that girls and guys think on different planes sometimes. ;)

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