Should I call an old friend?

so I used to have this friend who I met in summer school through another friend, when we were in summer school we would hang out everyday all the time, but when summer school ended I moved away like an hour from where she lived, since I moved we talk every few months on MSN nothing to personal just hi and how are you, now last night she messaged me on Facebook again only this time she told me she was gettign married and wanted me to come, she even tole me that she needed my advice on something she wants me to call her today but I don't know what to do because first of all we drifted away so much, second she didn't even tell me when she was engaged, third I don't know if things will be awkward if I call her now what should I do, and if I do call her what should I say hel


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  • did you end up caling?

    • i called -.- I thought it was the nice thing to do but.. when I talked to her she asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding I said yes she said she was going to call me when we would meet up to look at dresses but she never called back and the wedding is aug 14 so I guess she changed her mind, honestly I don't know why she asked in the first place