Why has he come back?! Please help!

Right basic story I fell for a guy pretty hard (no pun intended) and I was over the moon but we weren't together he had a girlfriend we were friends at first but the whole you always like someone more when you get to know them (plus we had already slept together(3 years ago) so I knew there was a connection there) right so we were mates for 7 months until he and his girlfriend split and he said he wanted to be with me.. OK you'd think aw well done good for you... not so much! he then started to ignore me 3 days after telling me this, 2 weeks later I find he's with someone else and then 2 months later he says he's sorry and made a big mistake and he still cares and that he just got scared cause he thought this was gonna be it for him *cough*bulls**t!*cough*... we were talking for like a week about that then after that week I find out he's engaged to this new girl... engaged not just with her but engaged... So I then took it upon myself to get him out of my life I sent him one last message saying "congratulations on the engagement" to which I recieved a "thanks" back I deleted him off my phone, msn, Facebook, PS3 network everything so I couldn't be tempted to text or message him and he was blatenatley delete me so what's the point plus he's engaged he made his decision I wasn't it...

About 2 weeks ago I get a random number text me saying " hey hope you don't mind me texting I just wanna make sure your ok" I had no idea who it was untill I recognised the last 3 numbers it was him... we had a massive convo for an hour and now I just wanna know why he came back cause it was only for an hour saying he still cares about me...Please help I don't know what to think its messing my head up pretty nicely...

I wanna send him a message saying look unless its a matter of life or death or your in trouble or your actually single and not trying to use me as a back up plan then don't get in touch you've caused more harm to me than happiness...

But I don't know help please x


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  • i know how it feels like to be second best..but you have to understand the facts here..he just said he still cares for you so you wouldn't be that much hurt..but what I see is this, he used you and he chose another girl sad and it sucks to be in that situation..but you already did your part..either he is somewhat guilty with what he did to you or he is just setting you up and leading you on is another thing..i honestly wouldn't want you to be a spare tire or just a past time to him..learn to accept his situation you don't want to ruin things even if you have strong feelings for the guy..you did what you think is right however did he meet you half way?..i guess not so the right thing to do now is to stop the communication from him..spend more time with yourself and explore other possibilities..there are more deserving guys out there you just need to mingle and find someone new..you can't find that person right away but you should learn to take your time and know each guy carefully know if their intentions are genuine and if he is devoted to just you..learn also from this experience and value the lesson you got from it..learn to fight for something worth it and learn when to give up..cheer up..this will pass eventually in time..spend time also with a good friend and talk about your worries from there as time goes by you'll wake up one day..you remember that person but the feelings you have will be gone..take one step at a time =)


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