Am I his chosen one?

I've been with my boyfriend a few months, and get on well...I was just wondering, Last week we were talking about marriage proposals and he told me how he would propose, and he said he's never told anyone before but me, but now I'm wondering seen as he told me his secret proposal way does that mean he is not going to propose to me as I'm not the chosen one? the way I'm far to young to get married and don't want him to propose I was just curious how he viewed me seen as he told me this


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  • When I read your question, I was pulled back into my Highlander days, I am the chosen one.

    Okay jokes aside, it was maybe just a conversation he got into and just told you front out, but it doesn't seem he will propose to you, if he does then he'll be in for a big surprise seeing that your not ready for it yet.

    In my relationship I talked about marriage too, but finally got up to the plate to ask her to marry me about 11 years into the relationship. I know long time, no girl would wait for me that long, but she did and if she wasn't marriage material then I would probably know it by now.

    No one will know what kind of thoughts germinate in his grey matter, you'll just have to wait it out and see.


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  • I doubt he'd tell you how he planned to propose if he were going to propose to you.