How do guys know she's "the one" he wants to marry/spend forever with?

If you already have a significant other you want to marry/are engaged to/are married to, how did you know she was the one?

What makes a girl marriage material and not just the type of girl you'd date?

What about the girl made you know that she was the one you wanted to marry?


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  • My informal list

    do I care if she talks about me with her friends and family?

    do I care if she has the highest opinion of me?

    do I want to be a better me?

    do I think about goals we can achieve together?

    does she talk about future plans together?

    do I want to know even the dark sides of her personality? Can I deal with her insecurities, her faults, her past mistakes?

    I am 37, I've never been engaged, and the one I propose to will be it for me. If it never happens, then so be it. But the person will make me feel whole...or its not worth jumping into


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  • this is hard to answer, normally I would say it would involve love, compatability and similar life goals but unfortunately that is not the reality of the world we live in. The risks men face when getting married are SOOOO high, even living common law is dangerous, so I would say the requirements would be nearly unrealistic in nature.

    there will be men however that are ignorant to the facts and will simply marry the woman they love but I think those men are becoming less common.


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  • A girl is "the one" when he's ready to get married. When he is about 30, he is at that stage and probably just up and marries the girl he happens to be dating.

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