What does this proposal mean to him?

I have been getting to know a guy, a wonderful and amazing guy who seems to really be interested in me and what I say and do, we speak ad least three times a week and we see each other ad least once a week. He told me that he would like me to come visit him, and perhaps stay ad least two days.

{He's 7 years older than me which I'm fine with, because I really like him, perhaps I'm even starting to fall in love with him!}

I don't know what to think of this idea of his.What should this proposal mean to him?

Is it simply an invitation for some social interaction, or is it supposed to mean something more.more physical?

I plea you, make this proposal clear to me!

Well, we've already stated to each other that we like each other.as more than just friends, but we haven't even kissed yet, so I'm very confused about this invitation of his!

What is he trying to tell me here?!?


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  • If it's an invitation for just some social interaction, which it probably isn't, probably somethign more :)

    stay with him the whole time. If he wants you, he'll probably make a move. If he doesn't, well.you could always tell him your feelings. A guy who has invested that much interest in you will NOT turn you down.unless he's gay.


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  • I think he's trying to tell you he wants to move the relationship to the next level. If you are unsure of what his intentions are, then don't accept. Make sure you both want the same thing in regards to your relationship.

    I'm curious to know, how long have you two been seeing each other?

    • I met him 3 weeks ago...and the thing is, we haven't even kissed yet! So you can see how this is confusing me.... xD

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    • Well, my opinion here is that I DO NOT want to sleep with him...not yet anyways...

      Ad least for another 2 months! I don't know about him, but personally, I'm not ready and I need to get to know him a lot more than this!

      In my opinion, if he cares, he'll wait...if not than his loss... :P

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