What is a good way to engage her in conversation?

so I'm going to text her happy birthday and all, but what's a good way to engage her and try and get her to talk after I say happy birthday?


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  • well tell her happy birthdayshe will probably reply back thanks. then ask her what she got for her birthday (so what did you get for your birthday). and depending on what she answers with you start a convo about that talk about that for example:

    if she got a movie talk about the movie (I like that movie/ it isn't my favorite movie/is it your favorite movie/im glad they picked ... to play the male lead he is my fav actor/ I haven't seen that is it good/ what is your favorite part.) stuff like that just start a convo.

    if she got chocolate( is that your fav choc/what is your fav/my fav is...)

    you see just talk about that stuff its easy you will see you will know what to do when your doing it it will just come to you I hope this helped :) :)


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  • happy birthday. what did you do to celebrate?

  • you could ask:

    what do you want for your birthday?

    any birthday wishes

    what are the birthday plans?

    how does it feel being (age)?

    you could suggest the two of you doing something for her birthday?


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