Is he still trying it on with me?

So im married and my husband is living in his own country an hour away for two months. There was a guy I was working who helped me in work with a few things and he was telling me that he is alone in my city. I felt bad for him so I met him for a coffee after work. It was more a gesture than anything else. But i soon realised that he saw it as romantic. I told him soon after that I was married and he said he was disapointed but he still continued to text me every week and ask to meet up with me. I would tell him that i was meeting my husband and he would ask me text me and ask how my meal went with my husband and he is still texting me looking to meet every week. I was speaking to him in work and he told me he was sad when he found out that I was married but he started to ask me if I am happy in my marriage and he asked if he felt a conmection when i met him. Its like he has no respect for my marriage. I dont even text him back much. Do you think he is still trying to be with me?
Is he still trying it on with me?
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