What are your views on marriage?

What are some factors when you decide that you would sincerely MARRY your significant other? How long you all have been dating? How much you all have in common? Pet peeves? Families? I'm just curious. And also, do you ever even bring up marriage or is it an avoided subject?


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  • it's a financial contract. Symbolically it's a step, but I wouldn't marry without a pre-nuptial agreement. I don't need a preacher or a piece of government paper to tell me how much I love my girlfriend

    • That's really sweet of you! Thanks for the feedback :)

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  • you should only marry when you are prepared to SHARE your life with the other person. When you will die for your partner, no questions asked, you are ready. But you also have to be prepared to be with them no matter what, e.g. if the were blind, lost their job/home and had no money, became disabled etc. These days too many people get married without being able to do those things, or see a wedding as a "day about them/party" without fully understanding what it means.

    • At least there are men with brains out there! Thank you for your response:)

  • the only thing I must say is NEVER GET MARRIED EVER.coz you won't be able to enjoy your life like you can enjoy being single

    • are you married?

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    • How old are you?

    • though I'm 18 I'm much smarter than an average 18 year old.i bet.so don't tell me that my response after some years would change because I'm pretty sure it won't change.and keep in mind what I said because you will realize it later if you get married.

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  • I've been in relationships before and marriage never even crossed my mind but with my boyfriend it's completely different. Pretty early on I knew that he's the guy I want to spend my life with and I know we'll get married at some point (he always jokes about how I should propose to him lol). We've been together for about 7 months now.

    We have quite a lot in common but not everything which is good.

    Pet peeves? That we have to go to work and leave each other lol there's nothing that he does that annoys me...maybe few more years :P

    I've met his family and he's met mine, we're looking at moving in together now :)

    And we talk about marriage, I tease him about how I have the whole day planned out already and he jokes about how he's gonna pick the colours for the wedding x

  • If my guy desperately wanted to get married... to appease his religious family, I would marry him. I really don't see any other logical reason to do it.