What does it mean when the guy you're dating says 'it's not like we're engaged yet'?

Early in the beginning of our relationship he brought up engagement (me being the mother of his child).

We were talking on the phone and he was telling me thay I make him laugh and he make me laugh that when he ask me what do I want from him and said I didn't have to answer that right now then that's when he said it's not like we're engaged yet we both laugh and he said the moment we get engage the relationship mess up so he gonna take it one step at a time. We we're only seeing each other for 3 weeks when he said that now we've been together for about 7months 1/2.
He didn't say it in a sarcastic way we were just having a simple conversation I felt like he was the one pushing it I didn't bring up anything about being engaged he did I thought wait a minute

We barley know each other. So it wasn't me he jump all over it I was a little surprise that he even brought it up when most guy run from it.


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  • because you're pushing him too much. give him some space

    • In what way, does what she stated translate to pushing him too much? Just saying..I do not see your logic in that. No offense. The only thing I saw here, was that they were having a simple conversation and she read into it..and wants to have a better understanding of it.

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  • I am not sure..I need more details..How did he say it exactly?

    • @update: Okay, it sounds like he just likes you..and wants to take things slow..but, mentioned it because it seems like he wants to be engaged to you..but, he is afraid of serious relationships. I wouldn't think too much of it..he is just saying one day he will want to get married..but, it is a very scaryt thing for him..I think that's what he meant.

  • It usually means that you are not engaged but in the future you may become engaged. But it depends on how he said it. It could have been a sarcastic way or a meaningful way.

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