Is she into me or what?

So there is this girl in my summer math class.. I think she's absolutely gorgeous. She is only 20 though I think, and I'm 26, but when I talk to her I don't see a hinder in her maturity versus mine. We've talked a few times and she told me she's also in a programming class. I offered her help if she ever needed it. I was hoping if she was interested she would have approached me and asked for me to help her with an assignment or something. Well that hasn't happened yet and our class lasts for only 3 more weeks. The other day I was going to give her my contact information "in case she needed help" and hoping it'd be a good way to start talking more outside of class.. well when I was going to give it to her after class, I started walking next to her and some other guy started talking to her.. I was thrown off guard, and just asked her how she did on the quiz quickly to kind of gain control of her attention.

She talked briefly and then walked ahead with him which really aggravated me. Well today after class I noticed she strayed behind him.. and I stayed behind her and only engaged in a partial convo when the other girl she started talking to kinda referenced me.. Idk, does anyone else think that if she was interested she would talk to me more, or would have jumped on board when I offered help with her other class? I'm tempted to give her my contact information still but I feel like she would have made more of an effort to talk to me.. when we walk out to the parking lot she really doesn't stick around and talk she just kinda darts to her car.. She does seem kinda shy though and she did make the effort one time to come out and talk to me and another girl.

I'm having trouble reading her. Do you guys think she's probably not interested? Or do you think she might be but just doesn't act on it..


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  • i think that's she might be shy and that's the reason why she isn't talking to you as much as you'd like. I mean sometimes I'm also shy and that sort of stops me from talking as much as I'd like to guys that I actually like. you could make her nervous and that's why she doesn't talk to you. maybe you should just keep trying to start up convos until she responds. she might also hate depending on others and that might be the reason why she doesn't ask you for help but keep offering , if that doesn't work maybe you should try avoiding her because as a girl I know that when a guy suddenly avoids me and doesn't give me that much attention I try hard to start talking to him. anyways good luck :)


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