Should I forgive him?

So my friend and I from church camp got "married" on the river last month. We'd been "engaged" for 3 months, when he asked me out at our winter/spring retreat. Our "marriage" was also the last time I may ever see him, because he graduated.

He lives almost 500 miles away in a different state, and is 2 years older. But he asked me to "marry" him.

Anyways, he told me that he and another girl from church camp had been kissing and holding hands (keeping it all church appropriate) since we got "engaged."

Personally, I have no clue how to feel. Any advice? He says he still wants to actually get married in 10 years, but I'm not so sure.


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  • I'm so sorry he did that to you depends why they act like this but if you see them kissing each other on lips then no don't forgive him because if you do forgive him imagine if he does it again when you marry him and you have kids with him but if they are friends and nothing series then don't worry about it if you worry about it then talk to him about it in private and see what he have to say so what I'm saying is hear him out then decide accordingly and I wish you both best of luck and congratulations to your engagement and if you want just keep eye on all signs maybe that help as well and be careful


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