Does he want want to keep a hold on this girl maybe for backup or the future?

k first off we are engaged are we were suppose to already be married but we secretly decided to wait but he chose to tell most of our friends that we did get married and changed his status on Facebook to married.. so we had this problem with a girl from his past and she would text him so finally one day he said text her from your phone saying its his new number so I didn't have to worry so I did and its been 5 mos and no text from her. then we go out the other night and she's there. so me unknowing who she is.. He talks to her but not once introduces me and come to find out he told her that it was me texting and then tells her we are not married yet.. I feel so betrayed and heartbroken. why go behind my back and tell her it was me that texted and why chose her to tell we are not married yet specially when he makes sure to tell all my friends that we are married even made up a date.. I'm broken now..


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  • He probably wants to marry you, but my honest bet is - he'll play around even after the marriage is official.

    Possible player who wants to settle down, but also wants to surf the field. It's of our nature to want to have sex with as many partners as possible. But the #1 reason why we'll get married is to keep our wives in check so they don't go around sleeping with other men.

    We want our egos satisfied with multiple p*ssy, yet we want our girls to stay faithful. Control and power. We can't stand the thought of our girlfriend/wife getting pumped by another guy.

    • That is one reason I called it off just to make sure he was ready to settle down with just me. He's been a player for a long time but has said he's ready to spend his life w me and a big part of me believes him but a part of me thinks he may go backk to his old self and by telling this girl those things put a lot of doubt in me about his character. he has giving me total transparency but then to go and do that is a stab at his loyality to me. I know all about the ego and believe me I stroke it big

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  • Yeah that's pretty messed up. Not getting a text from her in 5 months shoulda been a good clue that he warned her about your text beforehand. Why didn't you two get married when you were supposed to? Was it his idea to wait? It sounds like he changed his mind but didn't wanna look like an a**hole so he told everybody that you got married anyway. Then he keeps talking to this girl on the side and lies to you about it. It's probably a good thing you didn't end up marrying him. At least now you've seen his true colors.

    • i was hoping that wasn't the case and that it was just she didn't want to talk since she knew he was engaged.. but who knows.. I called off the wedding because I felt some uncertainity and it broke his heart but I wanedt to be totally secure before we marry..

    • Well it looks like your gut was right... :(

  • You should feel that way ! Think of it this way if he is telling her that then there is still something there between them ! And his friends it really dose not matter cause he has never had sex with them girl you should be asking a lot of questions and if she is the one that told you he said that the she went out of her way to let you know cause she still cares for him too!

    • Yea supposily nothings ever happened betweeen them.. they say they are just friends but the intent has been there.. He did tell me he told her it was me texting her.. I don't know I'm still just numb.