Should I stay away from him?

I recently made a friend at work who happens to be engaged and admits he is a player. The way he talks with me I feel like a buddy and nothing more and I like that because I don't want anything more than friendship with this guy for the above two reasons. However, a part of me feels that he's into me because he instigates everything like wanting to go take dancing lessons together, be eating out at restaurant buddies, and hanging out at his pool. His fiancee lives thousands of miles away both due to work. I am also an out-of-towner here for work and this place can be very lonely/boring because most people at work are married and have kids so at the end of the work day they go home to their respective families. I like hanging out with him. I just want to be friends. Should I stay away?


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  • Yes, I think everyone and their dog knows that if you don't something is gonna happen.


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  • "A man is as faithful as his options"


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  • What your describing seems like an emotional affair. You guys feel comfortable with each other. Your both missing something. You are lonely due to the fact that your away from your family and friends due to work. He is lacking something that you are providing, it's nothing bad just that he simply likes being with you for what ever reason. You are providing something that's lacking in he's current relationship.

    I call it an affair because he is in a relationship and just because your not "together" doesn't mean it isn't wrong. If you see him only as a friend you will be fine. However if there is some attraction it's possible that eventually it will turn into something more. You don't want to fall for a guy that's engaged and you also don't want to hurt his fiancé. It's definitely something to think about.

    In these cases the third party is the one that loses.

    I say stay away from him if you feel you could be falling for him.

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