Alright you guys I have another one for you... is sex a MUST?

Dont get me wrong, I love it, but I don't necessarily need it, I mean I can function without it. just don't walk around me butt naked and I'll be cool lol. but what about you guys. tell me what you think


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  • No. its not a must at all. Its a want. lol! its unusual for a guy to say he can do without as much as yalls sex drive is. I'm sure you love sex but probabbly never had it really good to where your like I want it all the time. Could have had sry ass prtners. idk. but sex is a need for men. us women don't need it cause we live basically off of emotions and love. guys on the other hand need sex cause that's mostly all you all think about

    • True true.. and yes us guys do think of sex a lot... but some don't know how to control themselves, unlike me I have will power lol... but don't even front you females think of sex twice as much as us dudes do

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    • Well, it depends. I may adore him but do I love hium enough to wait? I mean it would be hard cause sex is good but at the same time women can go longer without sex than guys can. So yea I think a woman would wait and more cases than a guy. However, the chances of meeting a guy who is a virgin or celibant til marraige is highly unlikely and not normal. It would be a big turn off for me but I would heve so much respect and maybe I may not gert turned off depends on how much I like him or love him.

    • You know wut I like your answers, you're very knowledgable about this subject. So let me ask you this, do you believe you can find love ANYWHERE, ANY PLACE or in ANY SITUATION?

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  • not necessary

    but for other

    people it is

    unfortunately in our

    times. there's a f***

    lot of sinners

    i mean look through

    the site

    you see all these questions

    about people cheating

    on people then there's a

    bunch of little girls that

    are having sex.

    for some reason, all the

    bad things today are

    looked as good things

    everything is being

    abused. the world is full

    of greed and envy


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  • Desire it, yes but that is the way we are programmed. I know that if I have sex before marriage, the marriage won't mean as much, sex won’t be a special thing set aside for marriage.

    For me not until marriage now, I have seen it destroy my relationships and so many others.

  • Sex is definitely not a must. I'm in it for the relationship, not just to have sex with someone. I mean if I really need to I can get myself off just fine. I'd rather just make her happy than do anything else, and usually that doesn't involve sex.

  • I agree. I can function fine without it and what not. but always good thing to have.

  • Ummmmm, yeah.

  • Well I would say sex is not a must when it comes to dating especially if your dating a virgin, but there must be a compromise some form of sexual activity has to happen, no one wants to date a prude nun.


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