He proposed to me, what can I get him as a present?

My boyfriend proposed to me last night, he is in the U.S army and is deployed at this current time. As a treat cos I'm so excited I was going to send him out a present in his care package. Any idea's on what I could get for him? thanks :)


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  • all he'll want from you is the answer yes :)

    you don't need to do anything else!


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  • But you're apparently under 18 ?

    • yeah, if I didn't go anon then you could have read my profile...for some reason it shows my age as 19 (which is how old I am) but puts me in the under 18 category. How does me being 'apparently' under 18, make a difference though?

    • legal

    • legal? you can be married at 16 with parents consent...there's no age 'limit' on engagement. Although I have already stated previously that I'm am over 18.

  • Send him stuff from home, stuff he's probably missing. Maybe favorite magazines, books, candy, food. Also albums with pictures of friends, loved ones, familiar places. Another cute thing would be to have some friends record messages for him either on a camera or a recorder so he can see everyone

    and congrats on your engagement

    • thank you very much, its so hard...everything you named is not allowed to be sent out to troops. Oh well I'm uber happy lol!