A sudden serious guy? please help!!

So I was really shocked when I got to know that my boyfriend had *so many* ex girlfriends! (we're together for half a year) I mean, he loves traveling, especially to asia, and I got to know that he had girlfriends/travel friends(as he says!) and you know, temporarily friends (girls) in most of the countries he's travelled through. And they were still friends on Facebook, with all of them and he didn't lie to me considering he had all the travel albums with each of them in different places. I found out 2 girls with fb profile photo of her and my boyfriend and told him, and asked him why he's still friends with all of them, than he deleted his fb when he got upset. Now he says he's not in touch because he don't have account. Last days I saw his another profile with his ex's relative as friends whom he was engaged with (she quitted and now marrying another guy).. what should I think? Please help...


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  • Who cares? They were once engaged, she broke it off and is now marrying someone else.

    Why do you care that much about this? What needs to be addressed is your insecurities.

    • thanks for the answer, I'm trying my best, I was heart broken once, so kind of protective now.. he seemed very sad when he told me about that girlfriend whom he was engaged months ago.. do you think he's over her? how long does it take for men to get over heart break or something like that?

    • Well if the engagement ended less than six months ago, depending on what transpired, it can take only a few months, or maybe a few years. It depends on the person and their emotional strength, as well as how they adapted to events in that relationship.

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  • This dude does what a lot of dudes have done (not all but many) hook up when they are abroad! all of these girls like you know are his chicks he messed with while abroad. I think this dude has too much baggage that he clearly needs to sort and unpack! let him and his foolishness go! Your story is too confusing to defend him.

    • yeah! Why does guys do that? women doesn't do that as much as they do.. his was engaged to his first girlfriend who he met abroad (internet :p) they were together for many year until he got dumped, since than his travel started.. I trust him now, just hoping he's throw all his baggages away!

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