Should I tell my friend what's been going on?

I'm a guy and I have a thing with my friends girl. we've been hanging out and engage in coitus regularly. she says she wants to break up with him but she can't do it. I thought it was possible to just have a thing and not become emotionally attached but I think I kind of like her. they Haven't had sex in two months and did today because she couldn't avoid him anymore. and now I kind of feel angry and disappointed. What should I do? should I continue to have a side thing with her (I think she likes me too) or should I tell her we can't do this anymore? or should I tell my friend what's been going on?


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  • Dude that is your friend's girl man. What about your friend! You should be honest to your friend if you care about him.

    • she sort of came on to me. she took my number out of his phone and started texting me. but I know that doesn't make it OK. I hadn't been with a girl in a long time before that. and I'm short on friends, so I don't want to lose any. should I break it off with her?

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    • What do you think you will do about the girl if you don't tell him?

    • i don't know. probably continue to do what we're doing and try not to get attached.

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  • Grimey.If you break it off with her and keep being friends with your friend (which I don't really think you guys are and if he is you sure aren't) that's even more of a betrayal ,how can you sleep with his girlfriend and smile in his face?Tell him because if he's a good person he doesn't need to be with someone like her and I would back away from the friendship how could it ever really exist again after what you did there would always resentment.


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  • You will not have the guts to tell your friend. You represent nothing but indecency and disloyalty. You two are made for each other. Just keep on doing what you are doing. What does it matter anyways.

    • because I'm not even sure that if they broke up we would date, because if she cheated on him why wouldn't she cheat on me?