I am confused about what my ex keeps telling me!!!

Okay I was engaged to this guy and well we ended up breaking up. He gave me this whole speech about how can be friends well at first I did not want anything to do with him as it turns out we work better as friends then lovers. What my question is when we talk about something that is really upsetting to me. He will tell me "even though we are not together I still care for you."

What I don't understand is why he has to keep pointing out that we are not together...Its not something I can forget.

I know no one can tell me what he is thinking but getting someone Else's opinion about this would be helpful.


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  • i think chances are is that he's worried that since he broke off the relationship you still have feelings for him and if he says that he cares for you, you might get the wrong idea. I don't think this is coming from malicious intent, I think he's just trying to be there for you but at the same time not give you the wrong impression and accidentally lead you on.


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