Is he just wanting a free pass?

So the guy has said he has feelings for me and he knows I like him. He lives about an hour away so has said that because of the distance it may not work and because he's in uni and I already have a fulltime job that he's still in the party mode that I'm out of. In saying this he calls or texts me everyday to say hello, keeps saying he loves me and will call me sweety and honey and when he comes back home to visit will always come round even before seeing his parents. We kissed last time he was here and after that wanted to trick everyone from here on Facebook that we were dating so we put our relationship as engaged. He has also said that maybe in a few years we would work out and that he wouldn't mind being married to me. Is he just wanting a free pass to sleep around while away? Or what is his issue?


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  • It seems like he's interested in you, especially since he told you he had feelings for you. His comments about it not working out are concerning; he could be saying those things as an excuse, or could be genuinely worried it might not work out. Hard to say.

    How long have you been seeing each other? Is it just sex when he comes to visit you / you visit him?

    • We have known each other for 5 months and are like best friends. There is no sex cause I'm not that kinda girl that's why I'm thinking its so he gets a free pass to sleep around at uni.

    • Ahhh gotchya. Hmm that's a tough one. He could be saying that things might not work out as an excuse to sleep around, or he could just be genuinely unsure if things would work out and is afraid to take the leap.

      Maybe ask him about it? Let him know that you care for him and would like to be exclusive (if that's what you want).

      Hope that helped! : /